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Real Edgy offer handmade, bespoke wooden furniture made to order using only the finest and select slabs of timber, specialising in solid wood and Live Edge furniture.

All our furniture is designed, created and handmade right here at our Gloucestershire workshop and all of our wood is sourced as locally and ethically as possible. 

At Real Edgy, we believe the natural world is already a beautiful place and our one-off and completely bespoke products just simply reveal to you what is hidden beneath the surface.  We don’t believe in modifying our wood too much and we aren’t about conformity and straight lines. Instead we respect the time and effort nature has put into designing each unique slab of wood by allowing the individual grains, knots and wonky edges to be celebrated. We let the timber tell its story by keeping as much of the original shape of the wood as possible.

We are a family business with honest family values, we build our furniture to last a lifetime so it can be passed down through generations to come. Each item is as individual as every family that will own it, so everyone will find something about it that they love.

If you would like to own a unique Real Edgy, Live Edge, piece of furniture browse our range or get in touch with us today.​

What is Live Edge?

Live edge style of furniture crafts the natural edge of the wood into the design of each piece.


Natural wood as beautiful and unique as the way nature intended. Live Edge refers to the natural edge of the wood found under the bark. Live Edge wood keeps this natural edge portraying the wood in its very naturalist and raw state.


Brown Wood
How Is It Unique

Each item is as individual as your own fingerprint, we cannot ever make the same piece twice. 


So when you purchase a Real Edgy piece of furniture you are purchasing a unique one-off item that no one else in the world will own.


Holding Plant
Save The Rainforest

Whatsmore our passion and love for wood and the forest runs deep because we donate a percentage of each sale to Save the Rainforest initiatives. 


Plus for every Dining Table or Board Room table we sell we plant a tree on a privately owned estate because we believe in giving back to nature what we take.